The next level up: fresh strawberry Greek yoghurt cake :)

If the picture above doesn’t make you salivate, then I don’t know what will! While I used to love those light, fluffy sponge cakes slathered with just-as-light cream (you know, the cheaper standard birthday cake kinds), I’ve since grown to dislike them in favour of denser cakes. Think chocolate mousse or New York cheesecake – […]

Strawberry meringue buttercream over Math any day!

I’m in the midst of an early-Saturday-morning Math fest and it isn’t fun. So mechanical and abstract – and so not delicious, unlike these cupcakes 😦 I haven’t tried out this recipe but it’s high on my “Things I Ought to Bake” list and primarily because the strawberry meringue buttercream (SMBC) just looks so tempting!!! […]

“Too much chocolate” is nonsense: triple chocolate cupcakes.

I’m kinda spamming a whole bunch of recipes (all from whatoliviadid, too), haha, but this will be my last for the night! I probably should be doing something more productive rather than update my blog with chocolatey recipes… Anywhoos, this is another chocolate cupcake recipe that promises to indulge chocolate addictions, hehe. It is quite […]