Glass trays don’t belong in an oven: chocolate brownies!

I have come to the realisation that most, if not all, of the recipes I’ve placing here in my little treasure trove are all pegged to a certain distinct memory. I’ve had my fair share of baking mishaps happen as the rookie baker in me traverses this new world. My first (and only, thus far) attempt at baking brownies is one of those instances.

Before trying out these brownies, I’d baked cupcakes a number of times and on all those instances, thought it was okay to leave the glass tray of my microwave oven within the machine while it was in operation. I mean, if it comes together with the microwave oven, it obviously ought to be able to survive through whatever operations the contraption is capable of, right?! Physics proves me wrong. (Though, this seems more Chemistry…)

In short, the glass tray stayed intact through numerous heating sessions (aka cupcake baking sessions). Since this brownie recipe calls for a longer baking time than the cupcakes, though… after I took out the brownies, I heard a super loud crack and it turns out the whole glass-outside-cools-down-faster-than-glass-inside-thus-glass-cracks phenomena had occurred. And part of the glass even fused to the surface of the microwave oven!!! Disaster all around.

The only good thing to come out of that incident was that the brownies were pretty darn good and my dad – surprisingly – wasn’t mad at me. Oh, and the microwave oven still works, though I always fear that the chipped surface will lead to radiated cupcakes or something one day… :O

Moral of the story: never put anything you’re not actually using in the oven while baking – especially glassware!!!

Alright, on to the more important stuff!

– 5 eggs
– 500g caster sugar
– 120g plain flour
– 100g cocoa powder
-250g unsalted butter
– 30g dark chocolate, roughly chopped
– a baking tray, lined with grease proof paper!

1. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees Celsius! (Gas mark 3)

2. Put the eggs and sugar in a bowl and beat with an electric whiskwhisk, or, like me, a fork and a hell loada man power, until light and fluffy.

3. Add the sifted flour, and stir as you go.

4. Followed by the cocoa powder, and beat until everything is well mixed.

5. Pour in the melted butter and mix through. When the butter is first poured in it seems impossible to stir it all in, but with some folding and immense stirring it will mix in- I promise!

6. Chop your chocolate, and stir it in so they are ‘evenly dispersed’.

7. Pour your mixture into your pre lined tray and bake in the oven for about 30-35 minutes or until the top is firm and the centre a little soft (poke a knife into it to check it comes out clean!)

8. Chop into squares (the tray usually makes about 12) and dust with icing sugar! Then eat… (sharing occasionally recommended!)


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