The beginnings of a sugar addict: Nutella mug cakes.

Baking is one of those things I just randomly fell in love with because I was bored one day and agreed to bake five-minute Nutella mug cakes with a friend. For a greenhorn like myself who has an unhealthy addiction to the chocolatey goodness, it was quick and easy and another excuse to nom on more sinful Nutella. Can’t beat an awesome combo like that!

I’ve always wanted to learn how to cook and bake on my own, largely given the lack of homemade foods in my own home and my foray into baking small treats like cupcakes and cookies is the gateway to potentially becoming a decent chef. 🙂

This blog is really just a journal of sorts to document the various recipes I have tried and keep them all in one space for future reference. Hopefully, five or ten years down the road, I’ll be reading this fondly as I bake red velvet and cream cheese cupcakes. Ah yes, one can always hope…

To begin with the documentation of my sugar addictions, perhaps I should put up the first recipe I’ve ever tried out for Nutella mug cakes(Source: blogs.babble)


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